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Apple Pie Ring

Black Forest Ring

Exotic Ring

Hazelnuts Ring

Lemon Pie Ring

Mont Blanc Ring

Raspberry Pistacchio Ring

Strawberry Ring

Triple Chocolate Ring

by Amaury Guichon

misure Ø 85/50 h 18 mm
volume 6x65 ml Tot. 390 ml

misure Ø 75/60 h 8 mm
volume 6x13 ml Tot. 78 ml


The Ring

The Ring kit is composed by a silicone multiform mould which allows to create six semifreddo or baked preparations of 65 ml each, a multiform mould suitable to create six inserts and decorations (13 ml each) and a practical double-use cutter to make original inserts and /or bases. A single kit that releases the professional’s creativity and allows him to shape different preparations: individual portions, plate desserts or original desserts to go.